Is Jesus Really Enough?

I don’t know why I’m writing this but I feel so compelled to do so. A question that has repeatedly been in my spirit is “Is Jesus Really Enough?” If I had absolutely nothing would he be enough for me?  God forbid if I had no family, no friends, no education, no approval from my peers, no husband, no money, and no control of my life would Jesus really be enough for me. The typical answer would be “YES” “ABSOLUTELY” “NO QUESTION”  But I think if I’m honest with myself or if your honest with yourself you’re not so sure. I think for me personally there are so many things that I cling to that I don’t even realize!!!!! So many things that I make center of my universe instead of Jesus that I’m not even aware of !!!

I pray that one day Jesus would be totally and completely enough for me. I pray that EVERYTHING that I cling too, everything that I put before Jesus would be broken off of my life in the name of Jesus. I pray that I will be broken before the Lord always!!! I pray for everyone who is in the same boat as me!! I pray that the things we cling too will be the same things that we surrender to Jesus!! God when we let go of things, when we relinquish them to you we receive so much Freedom!!!

Jesus you are enough for me you are enough for EVERYONE.  God I pray that you will relentlessly remind me that you are enough for me. I pray that this truth will sink in deep into my soul and be lived out throughout my life. I want so much more of you God. I am so desperate for you.

JESUS you are all I need.


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