You Deserve It

About an hour ago I had a 30 minute conversation with the secretary of the housing department of Baylor University. Out of curiosity I asked her about her experience at Baylor and how she was able to afford it. From that one question this girl was able to speak so much wisdom and truth into my life. At one point in our conversation she was talking about the desires of our hearts and how  you should go for things that you want. When I was trying to tell her that Baylor is an investment in my future, she stopped me mid sentence and said “It’s not even about an investment in your future its about you.

You deserve it.

Those three words hit me like a ton of bricks and gave me joy and peace that I have lacked for weeks. Never in my life have I had that perspective for the choices in my life. I guess for a lot of decisions I have looked at it logically, I’ve turned to God, but never have I stopped to think if I am deserving.  I know for a fact God used her to speak to me.

He wants me and you to know that he makes us deserving!!! Because he died on the cross for us because his grace is so sufficient for us he makes us deserving of his sweet promises for us!!! Any thought that makes you think that you are not deserving of the things God has for you is a lie from the enemy.  Anything that disqualified you for God’s absolute best for your life was covered by his blood.

Stop doubting God. Walk boldly in the path that he wants you on. Know that he has made you worthy. He has made you deserving.


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