The Rain Has Come

God has flooded me with so many blessings and unprecedented favor within this week I can’t describe it. The only explanation is that God is good and his promises are true. The beauty of my God is that even when I didn’t trust him, even when I didn’t believe in his promises he still blessed me. He still fulfilled every promise. Isaiah 61 has come to pass!! My double portion has come to pass!! My rain has COME!! Whatever you do trust God with your life. Seek his face and fall in love with his word. Believe and cling on to his promises that he has for you. I have a new song in my soul and I am singing and dancing in my rain. I am singing new praises to my God because he has been so good to me!! The abundant rain is pouring down. Overwhelming me and overwhelming my soul. God is changing my heart and making me whole.

I will never stop singing your praises.


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