Enjoying the Unexpected

It’s so funny how we can have our plans of what we want to do for a day and end up doing something totally different but God ordained. This morning my mom and I had a plan to clean our whole house. We woke up around 6 in the morning. Before we started cleaning we both had our quiet time with the Lord and started declaring his promises in out loud. After that we decided that we were going to order breakfast from Ihop and bring it back home to eat. That SO DIDN’T HAPPEN. After picking up our meal from Ihop we ended up going to a farmers market and exploring downtown Houston for the whole day!! Honestly my mom and I didn’t even do anything major, I swear we were literally driving around for hours not really doing anything. But we had the best time. My mom and I haven’t bonded like that in so long. We just talked about so many different things and forgot about all of our troubles. I haven’t felt so much joy in awhile. I think the best moment of the day is when my mom and I got back to the house in the evening with Jamaican food we had ordered and my mom said “Can you believe we ended up doing the opposite of what we wanted to do today?” I really don’t know why but that one statement had me cracking up so badly. I laughed so much tears were rolling down my face. I haven’t laughed until  I cried in years!!!!

Anyway I guess the point of this story is that sometimes when your day doesn’t go as planned just go with it!! I know without a shadow of doubt that God took us away from our plans to bless us with laughter and joy. I haven’t felt this happy and peaceful in a long time. Let God bless you through the unexpected.



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