You Make Me Brave

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you literally heard a sermon that changed your life? Well that happened to me yesterday. I didn’t hear this sermon at church I actually heard it on Youtube. Over the past few days the Lord has been leading me to Youtube to find so many wonderful worship songs and artists. Yesterday while I was browsing through different artists, I found this sermon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiERwdi8ZjQ by Bill Johnson and I felt a press by the Holy Spirit to watch this sermon. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! These are some of the awesome points I wrote down that I that I thought were powerful.

  •  God will not bless a people that empower questions and undermine a revelation.
  • We have asked for more. I can’t be entrusted to more if I empower questions that undermine the call he has given me.
  • If I can’t feed myself on what God is doing without stumbling on what hasn’t happened I am not qualified to carry the more I’ve asked for.
  • God is looking for a courageous word. He only shows up to say amen to what requires a supernatural invasion.
  • The Lord is looking for people that will stand under the anointing of a supernatural blanket of courage that causes every realm of darkness to tremble before you. Even the earth will tremble before you!!!

The last point just makes me want to shout hallelujah!!! Isn’t that just powerful?! The two main points I got from this sermon that has totally changed my perspective on God and Christianity itself is that first if we are not careful we can allow POISON to seep into our minds. Secondly God has called us to be RADICALLY BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. When we question God about are calling because of a bad circumstance or we don’t see God’s promises coming to past you are giving power to your doubt. Its the same thing when we have negative thoughts about ourselves. We give power to flaws and faults we think discredit us instead of giving power to the one who made us. Psalm 86:11 says Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” I love this verse because David is asking God that he will teach him to rely on his faithfulness and fear the name of The Lord instead of fearing the thing that is hindering his faith!!! God needs us not to empower our doubts and our fears so that we can be brave enough to do the MIGHTY things he has called us to do. I believe that God has called us all to do powerful things for his kingdom. He wants more for us then the day to day life and he wants to use us in ways we can’t even in dream of or imagine. When we are radically brave when we trust God in every circumstance the miraculous happens. I don’t know about you but I believe in miracles. The same God that parted the Red Sea, fed thousand with two loaves of bread and some fish, and walked on water is the same God today. Friend, God wants us to be courageous so that he can do the impossible through us!! This world is longing to witness God’s incredible power. A life can change in an instant because of one persons act of radical obedience and courage. When were brave and God does the impossible or he gives you an incredible breakthrough it BREAKS every spirit of doubt and every poisonous seed in the minds of believers and unbelievers and we draw closer to him.

Y’all there is definitely something that is shifting for Christians. More and more people are rebuking every poisonous thought in their minds and choosing to step out in faith doing awesome things for his kingdom.  I don’t know about you but I want to see more of Jesus. I want to see unprecedented things happen in this earth that people are literally running asking me “Who is this God you serve and how can I get to know him?”

I believe this song is made for this generation:



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