It’s Not About Me

Tonight I heard an incredible word on TV from Carl Lentz who is the pastor of Hillsong NYC. Any chance I get to watch or listen  to one of his sermons I do because he is so on point and authentic!!(It doesn’t hurt that he is incredibly good-looking either 😉 ) I guess the reason why I love him so much is because he loves people and loves Jesus in ways that I haven’t really seen. His message tonight wasn’t super dramatic or spiritual, it really was just about telling people about Jesus and loving people. I was so convicted about this because I thought to myself “When was the last time I tried to tell someone about Jesus?”

As Christians sometimes we get caught up about what God is doing in our lives. We think about how is God healing us, restoring us, or giving us breakthrough. Sometimes even with our dreams and the plans God has for our lives even though in midst of the plan we want to help people and “set the captives free” it’s still pretty much “me” centered. I am so grateful that I heard this message tonight because I was reminded that it’s not about me!! It never has been and it will never be about me!!! I don’t care what God does with my life as long as I am able to tell the good news about Jesus and love on those who haven’t felt loved I will be happy. Jesus is what it’s really about. I want the world to know about Jesus!!!! I want to be hungry for souls!!! I don’t want people to die without knowing the love of my God, my Saviour Jesus Christ!! He brings true joy and true peace!!! He brings true freedom!!!

My dream is to set the captives free!! I want to help women and children who are in bondage who have been sex trafficked or domestically abused. If I had all the money and resources in the world to help these women and young girls and I didn’t tell them about Jesus, my work would be pointless. Jesus is the only thing that can truly heal a heart and break chains off of your life.He is the only way to salvation and eternity. Everyone deserves the right to know about Jesus!! Everyone deserves the right to be loved without wanting anything in return.

My prayer is that for the rest of my life I would utilize every opportunity that I have to tell someone about the love of Jesus. To invite people to church, and to love my neighbor and my enemies even when it sucks. I pray that God will bring breakthrough in my life not only for my benefit but for the benefit of other people. I pray that God will make me brave, make me so fearless and incredibly bold in my faith so that I can share with strangers and loved ones about who Jesus is and what that means for them. God thank you for that wake up call. Thank you for the opportunity for me to tell middle school girls about you at Pine Cove. Just thank you for who you are.



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