It’s A New Season

I broke down today and I am so glad that I did. The enemy was viscously attacking me the whole weekend. He was stealing my joy, my peace and my finances. It came to the point where I was so over everything and everyone that I just wanted to be alone. Without a doubt I knew that God has some serious plans for me here because of the level of the attacks the enemy was throwing my way. But even knowing that I didn’t care. I was to tired to fight this battle, so with everything I was done. Thank God I don’t have to fight my own battles. Even though we were extremely late, my mom and I decided to still go to the church I am attending this fall. When the pastor was saying the closing prayer, I broke down and balled my eyes out relinquishing all of my burden and pain and giving it to God. In that moment, I chose to cling on to him and his hope because I had nothing left within me.

After the service, out of nowhere there was this abundant outpour of love and support from people who barley new me. People who were speaking into my life, praying over me, and supporting my mother and I in a matter of moments. They showed me love that was genuine and Christlike something that I have never seen like this. One moment I was feeling hopeless and depleated and the next I felt completely refreshed and restored!! The lord has brought back the joy of stepping into this new season but he has given me a tenfold joy!!!!!! Though things didn’t turn out like I expected it, God is still faithful and he is fighting ALL of my battles for me. The enemy has surely been DEFEATED!!!!!!!

As my classes start tomorrow I want to say a prayer for this entire year. God i thank you for bringing me to this place. I Know that you have a specific purpose of me to fulfill at Texas State and it is only adding to my destiny. God I pray that I would excel in school.God that I would find favor with my professors and have wisdom and understanding. I pray that I will work diligently and use studying as a form of worship to you. I pray that everything I do in including school honors and glorifies you. I ask that you will provide strong christ centered relationships for me. I ask that I will have friends who are passionately pursuing you and your heart. I ask that you will provide friends who would love me well and lift me up in my time of need. God I ask that you will use me in whatever way seems fit to you. God have your way in my life this year. Let me be involved in whatever you want me in and let me flourish wherever you plant me. Let me be lead by your holy spirit in everything I do. I ask that your presence would be made known at Texas State. I ask that will revival would take place and the lost and broken hearted students of Texas State would turn their hearts towards you. Awaken souls God!!! Bring people from death to life!!! I ask that your light would just radiate over the entire campus and your presence would be so tangible. God I pray for revival over the city of San Marcos. I ask that you will draw near to the brokenhearted and the needy. God I ask that your Holy Spirit would fall and reign here!! I ask that your shekinah glory will fall and rest over this city!! I pray that your glory would be so thick and so tangible that the world takes notice. I declare that this city will be a light on a hill a light that shines so vibrant the world will see!! God I thank you for your goodness and I thank you for your mercies! All of theses thing I ask in Jesus name Amen!!!


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