I Have Seen the Face of the Oppressed

Yesterday I went to some brothels for the first time in my life. I went on an outreach with a nonprofit organization called Elijah Rising in Houston, Tx. Elijah Rising is a christian nonprofit organization in Houston TX, that combats sex trafficking in the city of Houston. Different teams went to different areas of Houston to minister on the TRACK (street prostitution), cantinas, brothels, etc. The brothels I went inside in were dark. In most they had a tiny waiting area where John’s (men who buy sex) would pay or wait to be serviced. In the one’s that I went inside in they had strobe lights on that shone harsh reds or blues and almost all the brothels had dark colored,thick curtains. Whether it was curtains on the windows or curtains behind doors, there were always curtains everywhere trying cover up what was going on. As if curtains could hide the evil taking place. elijahlogo_T1

Stepping into those brothels you could feel the presence of the enemy. You could feel a demonic presence tangible and thick in these places. But even worse off than the buildings where sex trafficking occurs are the victims and the johns. These girls come out either receptive or cold. Some barley speaking english and some speaking perfect english. Asian, Hispanic, these girls come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Similar to the girls, the johns come from all backgrounds and ethnicities and vary in age. From 60 to 19 both young and old come to satisfy their appetites. One of the johns we saw yesterday was a freshmen in college who had graduated from my high school. Out of everything I witnessed yesterday the thing that burns in my mind are the faces. The faces of the victims and the johns. The girls, though some may have smiles on their faces,when you look into their eyes it’s lifeless. Weighed down by the trauma they feel sleeping with different men night after night these girls are dead on the inside. Just like the girls, these johns are also weighed down. They are weighed down with sexual addiction, loneliness and the need to be affirmed as a man by sleeping with women. But when you look into their eyes you realize that they are also dead on the inside. Both the girls and johns are captives.They are captives of the sex industry fueled by the devil himself who is stealing destinies!!

Even in the midst of great darkness Jesus reigns and there is hope!! We were able to pray over some of the girls and johns and just show these people the love of Jesus! Early the next morning, when the outreach ended, I couldn’t get the faces of girls and the johns I had met out of my mind. A new burden was being placed of my heart for sex trafficking. In my quiet time when I began to pray for God to deliver his people he answered back as clear as day and said in a still small voice “I have sent you to deliver my people.” Y’all when I heard that I stopped right in my tracks. All this time I have been crying out to God asking him to set his captives free asking him to deliver his people thinking that one day God was going to snap his fingers and human trafficking will come to an end. (Call me silly but in some sort of weird way that’s what I thought!!) While all this time he’s been saying “Oyinda” “Hello” “I have called you Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Street Dwellings” “GO!!” Set my captives free!! Honestly I don’t think God was just talking to me when he said that, I believe he was talking to believers as a whole. It’s time for us as believers to rise up and go deliver the captives, to break the yoke of oppression, and provide freedom to those who desperately need it. God didn’t call us to complacency. he didn’t call us to play church, he called us to fight for the oppressed especially those who are oppressed in our own communities. We need and must be the hands and feet of Jesus! Let us claim authority over are cities. Let our cities be a place where evil cannot and will not prosper!!


5 thoughts on “I Have Seen the Face of the Oppressed

  1. Wow!!! I came here to say thank you for following my blog and realised that you are a sister! Reading the above post made my heart sad and happy at the same time. I am so proud of you (can I say that to someone I don’t know?) for going into the brothels and shining light and life and spreading Jesus love. I also went on an outreach recently, but nothing as drastic as yours and it convicted me… I’m too comfy, I need to step out and risk more. thank you for posting.

    Peace, Liezel.

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