If I had an App?

I go to Texas State University and my major is Public Relations. Because of this I get to take a lot really cool, interesting classes relating to social media. One of the classes that I am in right now is Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media. So far I’ve learned about the history of social media and I even got to code my own website!

The most recent assignment that I have had in this class is coming up with an idea for an app that relates to your blog and then creating it. When I first heard about the assignment I was like whaaaat!!!  I was thinking “How on earth am I gonna do that and what type of app would I even want to make?!”Thinking about  my blog I realized that it might be kind of difficult coming up with an app but I finally thought of something.

If I had an app I would call it Oyinda Honey named after my blog and it would be an app that connected a community of women who were fans of my blog. Through this app women would meet up for bible studies, swap and trade their old fashion items with each other and discuss ways that they can fight injustices in their cities. These groups of women would meet up maybe once a month and their groups would be called honey groups.

That might sound pretty cheesy but in my mind I think that would be pretty awesome. Anyway I actually ended up creating this app on another app called Yapp and you can check out the preview of it below!



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