Jesus Baby Jesus!

This Easter weekend has been one for the books! First and foremost this is my first Easter that I have had in San Marcos and it was wonderful! Second of all this year was the first time I celebrated Passover EVER and it was pretty awesome! I have decided that I want to celebrate all the traditional jewish holidays and feasts from now on and with my future kids! I know I know I might kind of sound crazy! I’m a born again Christian y’all who is madly in love with Jesus and is not planning on converting to ¬†Judaism anytime soon lol. But I am a daughter of King Jesus and as his daughter I am entitled to his inheritance and his inheritance includes his faith! Anyway I was so excited about celebrating passover that I took a few photos of the passover dinner I went too this past Friday and I wanted to share it with y’all. As God delivered the Israelites thousands of years ago from Egypt, Jesus delivered me from my sin and brokeness! He can do the same for you friend just trust him. There is no better life than a life lived with the one who gave it all for you!


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