A Promise Fulfilled

As school is coming to an end I can’t help but think about my upcoming journey this summer. In July I get the awesome opportunity of going on a two week mission trip to Thailand and Cambodia with Coast to Coast Central and Go International. During this trip I get the chance to work with sex trafficking victims, orphaned children and local businesses. My heart is literally leaping with exuberant joy and I swear for the past few weeks I have had the toothiest grin on my face.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that about the same time last year I had a similar opportunity to go on a mission trip to Ecuador with the same organization. Unfortunately, at that point in my life I had two options; school or a mission trip. My heart was yearning to go to Ecuador but the timing wasn’t right. I knew that the process that God had me on was being faithful with school. So instead of going to Ecuador I buckled down, took some summer classes, and transferred from LSU to Texas State University.

At the time I was completely devastated. In a way I felt like God had let me down. The moment that I had decided to take a step of faith to go on my first mission trip the doors seemed to slam in my face! I felt like a failure but even worse lies began to creep into my mind screaming that I was unqualified. That I wasn’t worthy of going to the nations to proclaim his name or deliver the captives. I just didn’t understand what God was doing.

Looking back now I guess I didn’t really trust God’s character. I had head knowledge that he was a good father but I didn’t really believe it in my heart. I had agreed with the lie that God wanted to use other people to advance his kingdom and bless other people but he didn’t want to use or bless me. Thank God for the truth! Thank God for freedom from lies! A year later I can shout from the rooftops and say “Wow God you have been faithful!!” What I thought was for my harm, ultimately turned out for my good. He has been faithful to his promises and a year later I finally get to fulfill a long time dream! I am blown away at his goodness and his love. A word of encouragement for y’all! God knows and sees the desires of our hearts. He has destinies and promises specifically for us! If he has declared or called you to do something you are going to see it come to past. Hold on to him; he is the hope of glory and his word never returns void! He is a good daddy y’all and because of his faithfulness I’m going to Southeast Asia!


P.S if you want to know more about my trip check to this awesome video: Also if you want to know more about my trip or partner with me to go you can look at my donation page here:


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