Seek Adventure Now|Seek Life Now

God has placed so many dreams and desires in my heart sometimes I can’t even count them. I’m a dreamer y’all! I day dream all the time of what I want my life to be like. I dream of adventures I’ll have, people I’ll meet and countries I’ll visit. I dream of doing the most insane radical things for God’s kingdom all the time. My heart yearns to always go to always be in a world so far away and different from my own. I’m desperate to experience the more of God. I’m desperate to be apart of something far greater than the book of Acts. There is a fire in my heart that completely consumes me.

I don’t want to live a life of complacency. I want to live a life of the status quo! But right now I am not living that radical, adventure filed life with Jesus. I live in a small Texas town called San Marcos and go to Texas State University. I got to class, do my assignments, go to my college ministry, go to church and it seems like it is the same thing every week! In the midst of routine my heart begins to wander and yearn for more again. I ask God is this the path that he wants for me? or am I really in the right place? I wait on him patiently and then he lovingly replies with


My mind battles with itself and I ask Are you sure God? And he replies with


And then I argue back and I say “but God I want so much more!” and he says

The more is here.

Boom, checkmate, period!! Mind is blown to smitherings!! Y’all there is more in the process; there is more in the now. Whether your in school or in a job you can’t stand or you’ve been in the background for years there is a gift in the process. There is so much that the Lord wants to place in us and wants us to receive right now but sometimes we get so caught up in the Promiseland. What I want is for God to so utilize my process that when his promises and dreams he has placed in my heart begin to manifest, I am in a position to receive and be a good steward of what he has for me. The seeds of the more of God I want to see in my life and my world around me are found and planted in my process. So I will joyfully live and abide in Jesus now! I will seek adventure and be led by his Holy Spirit now! And the when the time is right and God brings me out of my process into my promise, I will rejoice and sing his praises as the seeds planted will grow and flourish in the dream! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The lord is good!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!I will receive the more in the process!!

P.S If God is calling you to do something now do it!! Just because I am supposed to be in school doesn’t mean everyone else is!! If he is calling you to go to the nations GO! Don’t hesitate just trust him! Check out these awesome mission organizations who are doing rad things for God’s kingdom and DREAM!


World Race



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