Blog Review| BayliBoop

So for my Fundamental of Digital and Online Media class we have done a lot of really cool assignments. from coding websites too editing videos, overall for this semester it has been a really interesting class. I guess the most enjoyable assignment I have had has been blogging. Of course I’m a little biased since I already had a blog before the class but it’s been awesome having assignments that I am required to do that I already love doing.

Anyway for one of the blogs I had to do a blog review of another blog that I found interesting and was similar to my own so I thought why not do a review of my best friend’s blog! My best friend Bayli has a really awesome blog that’s called Bayliboop . Her blog is pretty similar in the sense that she talks about her faith a lot and she talks about her passions. Though we don’t have exactly the same passions we both openly express what we love on our blogs.

What I love about her blog is that she is naturally such a good writer. She is open, real, and vulnerable in her writing which makes her so relatable to her audience. She also writes quality content that makes her writing worth reading. She writes things of value and that means something which makes a genuine impact in her audience’s lives. God really just uses her writing gift to bless others through her blog.

So check out her blog y’all!



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