Home Decor

I love my blog because it is just a place where I can freely express myself!  Using this platform I get to talk about things that I love and that I am passionate about! Over the past few months I have found another love; DECORATING!! Even though I would hardly call myself an interior designer (this title belongs to my mom), I have come to find out that I love to decorate.

I guess I get it from my mom, but I really do enjoy making places beautiful. There is something so fun about making a room look pretty. It just makes me feel so famine and there is nothing better than coming back home to place that uniquely fits you. There is so much character of your character that can be found in a creative room.

So because of this newfound love I have decided to also add this page permanently to my blog. Not only do I want to talk about Jesus, fashion, and my life in general but I also want to talk about home decorating too! I am excited about where this is going to go. I can’t wait to share my decorating ideas with you guys!

P.S for now check out my Southern Home Pinterest board for some decorating inspiration:

Southern Home



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