Jesus is everything to me. He is my redemption. He has loved me in my best and darkest moments and he has embraced me in my brokeness. He has bound up my wounds and continues to heal me day by day. He has taken a life that once looked hopeless and has completely restored everything that the enemy tried take away from me! Not only has Jesus restored but he has given me a double portion for all of my pain and sorrows!!! Jesus is my beautiful promise!!! He is the hope and truth that I cling too. He is the Prince of Peace that I dwell in the midst of chaos and confusion. He is the father that I never had and he is the ultimate pursuer. He has and continues to relentlessly pursue my heart daily. He is a giver. Jesus has poured out his love so freely that it is so overwhelming. Jesus is my joy and my freedom!! There is no shame and condemnation in him!! Last but not least Jesus is my identity and my security. My identity is not in my past, my family, my sin, or where I come from. It is completely in Jesus!! In him I lack absolutely nothing. In him I am able to do all things!!. In him I am secure and not insecure and with him I will accomplish the dreams that he has placed in my heart and the destiny he has called me to do.

I am a living testament that Jesus changes lives. He loves you and longs to have a relationship with you. There is absolutely nothing that can keep you away from God. No sin is too big or too bad from stopping you to have a relationship with Jesus. All you have to is ask him to come into your heart and make him your Lord and Savior and I promise you your life will never be the same!!!



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